Puente 25 de Abril en Lisboa by Fidex2020
Puente 25 de Abril en Lisboa by Fidex2020

Lisbon lies on the north shore of the Tejo 17 km distance from the Atlantic Ocean.

Two large bridges span over this river. One of them is called "25 April". This is the bridge that leads to the peninsula where our holiday home is situated.

There are of course various sight in Lisbon. One of them is for example the white tower in the picture on the right. It is called the Torre de Belem. Near this tower is a beautiful park and he monastery of Hieronimus. Further sights that are not to be missed.

In this picture you see the Castelo de São Jorge, built in the 6. century on top of this hill. It is situated in the old town of Lisbon called the Baixa.



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